This committee was started in March 2007 when GEM Industrial approached BP Oil with the idea of forming an on-site contractor safety committee. With BP's approval GEM approached other "nested" contractors about forming such a committee. The first meeting was held April 13, 2007 in BP's cafeteria. We originally set out to:

· Work together to minimize contractor injuries on site.
· Perform monthly audits of contract members.
· Improve communications between BP and Contractors.
· Have monthly meetings to discuss and share safety ideas.
· Work as a group to increase public awareness of BP's commitment to safety and
environment and make local communities realize that this is a safe place to work.


We are a Safety Council, consisting of on-site contractor employees, working together as a team with BP-Husky to proactively identify and eliminate potential hazards, utilizing a process of training, mentoring, safety audits, recognition, and communications to promote a “We Believe in Zero” safety culture. Our vision is to prevent all injuries. We are committed and dedicated to creating no harm to the environment and providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees at BP-Husky Refining.


To work as a team to increase communications and safety awareness/performance among team members and the community to benefit BP-Husky Refining and all contractor member/employees.

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